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Bird lovers will be delighted and enthralled with Birdwatch Australia’s tours of Sydney and beyond, including the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains that’s home to about a third of the country’s bird species.

Enjoy day trips and extended tours. On the full-day Best of Sydney Birding Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see species such as kookaburras, currawongs, bowerbirds, treecreepers, honeyeaters and rosellas.

Led by an ornithologist, the trip crosses the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge and travels to wetlands in Sydney’s west and the Blue Mountains, where you’ll explore the birdlife and have the chance to see kangaroos.

The Blue Mountains are named after the natural blue haze produced by tiny oil droplets from the vast eucalypt forests mixing with water vapour and sunlight. You’ll visit clifftop lookouts with spectacular panoramas.

Other excursions are the full-day Royal National Park Tour, two-day Sydney and Blue Mountains Birding Tour and three-day Capertee Valley and Blue Mountains Private Birding Tour. There’s a five-day tour, too.

Tours depart Monday and other days on request, subject to availability.